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One of the best things about running Word Is Cheap is meeting the most creative mothers out there. One of the worst things about running Word Is Cheap, is meeting the most creative mothers out there. Realising just how creative one person can be is in equal parts awe-inspiring and jealous-inducing. Joe Mortimer is one such mother.

Running Studio Joe has lead to projects with Jungle, Google, Don’t Panic and all the majors as well as creative directing Bob Moses’ visual output. Design has moved into animation culminating in a Word Is Cheap favourite, the Crystallise animated music video for George Fitzgerald. A wistful whirring of a journey through space and time. Minimalism meets neon as we watch a cube become a man, finally meeting his maker. A brilliant piece which has nothing to do with any of Joe’s favourite animations.

So as we like to do, we asked an animator what his favourite animations are and why. Over to Joe:

‘Princess Mononoke’ directed by Hayao Miyazaki (1995)

Way back in 2001 my parents took me to the Barbican Centre to do a drawing workshop with some of the people from the Studio Ghibli studio. We spent the day in the Barbican gardens and learnt how to draw Totoro and the next week we were taken to a screening of Princess Mononoke. I remember sitting in the cinema thinking that this it was the best film I’d ever watched and I think it still is to this day! So many of the themes, both morally and visually, strike a chord with me and constantly remind me to keep creating. Miyazaki is simply the best there is.

Michael Jackson – ‘Leave Me Alone’ directed by Jim Blashfield (1989)

Again, one from the childhood. Every time I watch this video I find something new to love about it.

‘Tango’ directed by Zbigniew Rybczyński (1981)

Incredibly crafted and such testimony to honing a craft and pushing such a simple idea a far as it can go. All without a single word too!

Beck – ‘E-pro’ directed by Shynola (2004)

Beck is one of my all time favourite recording artists, always pushing the boundaries and having fun in the process of doing it. He’s always embraced an eclectic mix of audio and visual materials and the director Shynola completely wowed me when this video came out. It’s always been a huge inspiration for me and strikes quite a personal chord with the way I design things.

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