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MY OH MY. We, at Word Is Cheap, did not know our lives were about to change when we got in touch with Taichi Kimura to find out his favourite animations. Each a kernel of gold in their own right culminating in our socks being fully blown off with an animated music video that forces you to watch again (and again). Having brought us the recent video of the day, the GRADES – ‘King’ director obviously knows a thing or two about animation. From the classic to the obscure enjoy:




‘My Neighbour Totoro’ directed by Hayao Miyazaki

I mean, if you are a Japanese and don’t choose one of his films as the favourite animations, then clearly the person is clearly a bloody moron and don’t deserve a single fish from a sushi bar. It was between Porco Rosso but I had to choose this one as this is the classic. His films has inspired millions of kids in Japan including me and it still do today. It is important for me to watch this films every now and then so I don’t lose the playful mind. You lose that kind of childishness sometimes when you have grown up but they are the most important thing when it comes to the creative process sometimes. Imagine how many girls will approach to you if you tell them ‘I am a friend with Totoro’. Billions.

‘Mind Game’ directed by Masaaki Yuasa

What a movie, so under rated at the same time. The anime style is super unique and the narrative is completely none sense, you can never predict what’s coming next. The love making scene is my favourite scene. It’s like Van Gogh on LSD, incredibly mind blowing.

Flairs – ‘Truckers Delight’ directed by Jérémie Perin

I don’t know what the hell the French animators were thinking but it is very entertaining. It’s good to see Japanese games such as Nintendo & Atari, has inspired many people around world.

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