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British born Chinese, Tony Hung is an award winning artist and director, yet still remains somewhat rather mysterious having created an anonymous presence online. His website is the only social media tool he uses, his site intentionally minimal so finding much information on Tony is difficult, however this creates a certain appeal whilst conjuring up an incredibly artistic aura around him.

His latest project has been a huge one, working with a little known band you may of heard of – Blur. The creative director for the band, Tony was the one who came up with the artwork cover for their latest album “The Magic Whip”. With that infamous ice-cream cone in neon lights so instantly recognisable it’s easy to say it will be legendary in years to come in the world of album covers, it’s genius. Tony’s work as the director for Blur’s video “Ong Ong” is following the same theme with an animation video and put simply, an arcade junkie’s dream. Filled with 80s gaming nostalgia, the video is creative, smart, engaging and fun; everything a pop video should be!

I caught up with Tony and he allowed us to dive into his creative mind and share with Word is Cheap a handful of his favourite animation videos. Incredibly intriguing and a true artist, here’s what he confided in us.

Akira directed by Katsuhiro Otomo

This was the first Manga film I watched, it was dark, intense, violent and more. The environments, product design, film score and overall detailing were all a world away from anything I had seen before.

Boredoms – ‘Vision Creation Newsun’ directed by Ukawa Naohiro

A great band with great visuals. Here, simple, raw animation; part Eames ‘Power of 10,’ part full-on mind screwball makes for an immersive and impactful journey, that many high budget/production music videos strive for.

‘Havoc in Heaven’ directed by Wan Laiming

This animated film was introduced to me by my late dad. I was fascinated by the story, the presentation here was theatrical, graceful, otherworldly, yet cheeky and fun. The hand crafted imagery and colour palette was and is unlike anything else. I look forward to introducing it to my son one day.

‘Tron’ directed by Steven Lisberger

Syd Mead’s neo-futurist visualisations for Tron and Blade Runner really resonated with me as a youngster. The story wasn’t amazing, yet on reflection its simple concept of people existing inside a virtual world was way ahead of its time?


‘Yellow Submarine’ directed by George Dunning

If you’re not a Beatles fan, the hand crafted artwork, characters, clever animation sequences and all round detailing is worth a watch alone. If (like me) you are a fan, this is simply a fantastic, fun journey, you can really sit back and lose yourself in.

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