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The Menendez Brother’s Favourite Music Videos

For those not in the know the Menendez Brothers are London’s number 1 (and 2) party DJs with this Summer alone playing at Gottwood, Farr, Lovebox, Secret Garden Party and Glastonbury festivals. That on top of their own club nights ‘So Fresh So Clean’ and ‘The Origins’ which take over London every few weeks with hip hop classics mixed in with old school hidden gems, shut down with straight up bangers. STRAIGHT BANGERS I SAY!

Being disc jockeys it is of no surprise the boys have picked two fun times tunes. 80s at their finest for sure. We have to give it to the Menendez Brothers though, they’ve also picked two classic music videos. Hall of famers. Great choices are in their DNA as they explain in their bio that they grew “up in the southern Colombian province of Putumayo, the Menendez brothers heard their first taste of music at local salsa bars scattered throughout the town at the tender age of 6.” This of course is not true but shows you the energy the boys bring to life:

ENIZ: While growing up our biggest idol was Michael Jackson, his influence was huge on us.
DENIZ: We always used to mess around pretending trying to be him. “Beat It” was the one that we tried to re-enact the most though.
E: On one particularly funny time we tied our left arms together and had the ‘knife’ fight but instead used forks.
D: What started out as being all fun and games, resulted in one of us having a fork stuck in our forearm…
E: We won’t mention who it was…
D: Who says that children aren’t affected by what they see on TV.
E: The dance moves Michael Jackson pulls off in that video are something that we have been rumoured to be able pull off.
D: You never know, it could be coming to a festival near you!

Not quite satisfied with the one favourite and of course why would they be! Twins does mean two…

E: When we first watched this video we were blown away. It was the first proper stop motion / animation video we had seen.
D: We must have wound up our dad because we demanded that he put it on repeat for us over and over on VHS.
E: Everything in the video was made out of clay and the animation moved in time with the beat. The time and effort put into the production was ridiculous for the time.
D: The scene with the ‘naked’ chickens being hatched and then multiplying as a magic trick was my favourite.
E: There was a rollercoaster going round Peter Garbiel’s head and then into his mouth, it was all a little bit mad!

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