Christopher Sweeney x Will Young


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“This has been one of my favourite music videos for a long time. My friend wrote the song so he sent me the video and I fell in love with its kitchness, cuteness and colours. I love Wes Anderson and it reminds me of him. I like videos that tell a story and im a sucker for dogs and roll necks! x”

Whinnie’s a real cutie. With a history of her own arty music videos you may expect something completely left-field from the self-confessed Wes Anderson fan but that would be too obvious from our soul-filled singer. Instead we have her other love, dogs! And a brilliantly sweet video from Christopher Sweeney. Infact one of his first before he went on to work with Lana Del Rey, Lily Allen, and Foals whoever they are. Whinnie; ever the early adopter.

True to her dog-enthusiast word ‘You Don’t Love Me’ is the classic tale of boy sees girl and can’t look away, of course told through her lovely Brian. The video itself is a mix of narrative and style with Brian stealing the show as he has done in many of Ms Williams’ videos. Some call him the Jonny Depp of dogs we see him more of an Owen Wilson type, endearingly attractive with a cheeky charm thats hard to ignore. Brian will be covering Dogue in the December issue. Can’t wait that long, find him on the cover of Whinnie’s new EP ‘Bad Girl’ out now, check it.

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