Clemens Habicht x Mike Mago


It doesn’t get much cheekier than this does it? Through a fixed-gear approach to film-making little more is needed than the level entertainment a lady and her bike have provided through the eyes of one happy bicycle seat.* Dangerous liaisons with bumpy roads are complimented by a new way to see the city; if you’re looking!

Illustrator, designer and director, Clemens Habicht does nomral eg normal in a new way. His one track mind adopts a simple idea and then goes about making it his own. Flirtations with advertising are understandable due to his consistency but it is his music videos that draw the most attention. Shots are simple, allowing for the music to engage while post production trickery adds the final touches that make each project individual. It’s a formula that works for Clemens. AllĂ© Clemens ‘Nomral’ Hibicht!

*I already feel seedy writing this, it’s basically suitable for work smut but alas I cannot choose what I enjoy and think others (men) might enjoy.

Word Is Cheap

word is cheap is the site to go to for all your music video needs. A site so visually stimulating it's already banned in North Korea. You can dance if you want to. -
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