If you like animation you’ll like CRCR. Fortunately for us, when they take a break from advertising, they make music videos. Fair enough the big non-reveal isn’t anything new, since being brought to fame in Jamie Thrave’s – ‘Just’ for Radiohead, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done well. Or in this case, EPIC fashion. Regardless of whether its simply a revolving head of of the darkest imagery you’ve ever seen or the moving story of the lonely dog on the oil rig, their animation is unforgiving in style leaving no aspect to chance.

This story revolves around a king and his city. A king so imposing in stature he is reminiscent of the great Tikal royalty of past*. A king so set on defending his people he will do anything. With a simba-like view over all that is his, a confrontation is seemingly approaching. CRCR inevitably bring style, simply put if Megaman and General M. Bison would have fit in. Reds go against their nature by doing anything but dominate, instead forming the base for this retro futuristic world. More soon please!

Interesting(?) Fact: the Tikal royalty’s “tombs of this time contain the bones of individauls who were larger and more robust than the average citizen – again the nobility were taller and ate a better diet than commoners.”

Word Is Cheap

word is cheap is the site to go to for all your music video needs. A site so visually stimulating it's already banned in North Korea. You can dance if you want to. -
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