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Another week another creative profile and another member of the Show Them crew. Following on from Sh?m this time we’re chatting to Conducta. A garage and grime producer making his mark having recently premiered his new track ‘Summertime’ through the Nest following his EP’s title track, City Breeze, being premiered on Complex, it’s been a good Summer for Conducta. 21, based in London and support from Mistajam, DJ Cameo & My Nu Leng things are poppin’ off.

Press play and enjoy our catch up with Conducta finding out about a day in the life of, Conducta’s love of Arsenal and what his favourite music video is.


WIC: Hey Conducta how’s it going?

C: All good thanks, enjoying this british ‘Summer’.

WIC: How would you describe your normal day?

C: Wake up, sift through all the arsenal transfer news. Listen to some old set tapes. Buy some tropical juice then jump on FL Studio.

WIC: What was the last creative moment you saw within music that excited you?

C: When Flava D dropped ‘More Love’ I thought that was a game changer. She set the bar high and I saw that as a catalyst for me to also up the levels.

WIC: What’s your favourite music video?

C: Outkast – Prototype

WIC: How about outside of music?

C: When Arsenal signed Petr Cech…. My joy was short lived though.

WIC: What’s next?

More good music & More Trophies (Arsenal).

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