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Creative profile time! Here we have “oh damn he’s talented” Sh?m. A producer hailing from West London with all the swagger of a new-age front-man, Sh?m’s bringing hard beats with what we’re sure are signature moves. In line with his new video ‘Get Back’ not since Lunice has the world seen a producer that could equally hype a crowd through his energy. Seriously when’s the next show?

We sat down to find out what goes on in a normal day for Sh?m, which artists are exciting him and how he feels about being on camera.


Word Is Cheap: Hey Sh?m how’s it going?

Sh?m: Yeah I’m alright

WIC: How would you describe your normal day?

S: Depending on what time I wake up, I might roll something jazzy up and open Ableton. Or head over to the studio and work on some fresh music. If not, then I’m somewhere in London.. Eating..

WIC: What was the last creative moment you saw within music that excited you?

To be honest, I’m not easily excited or impressed but when Swindle dropped his Peace, Love and Music project, I lost my mind.

WIC: How about outside of music?

Outside of music? I’m going to be honest and say I haven’t really been paying much attention.. But if I looked, I know I’d discover something brilliant.

WIC: Let’s talk ‘Get Back’, did you enjoy being on camera?

Of course! I love being in front of a camera. The ideas Kasper came up with for the video were really interesting as well. It was awesome working with him.

WIC: Do you dance like that in the studio?

Ah.. Sometimes. I lose control of my body when I’m making music hahaha.

WIC: Who should we chat to next from the Show Them crew?

Conducta is the man! He’s chill but.. Hype at the same time. I like that about him. I’d like to think that both him and Kasper are creative masterminds. It’s cool just to watch how they go about creating things. They both pay a lot of attention to detail, especially Kasper. Watching how he works and even looking at his previous projects… It’s all very inspirational.

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