Cyriak x Bloc Party


OH OK. THIS IS GOING TO HAVE TO BE A CAPS LOCKS POST AS THAT WAS CRAZY. No not really but a shout has to go out to the post production pioneer Cyriak for bringing his mind boggling vision to the ring. From start to finish it matches the up beat track blow for blow, in what is almost an even fight. Undoubtedly Bloc Party’s driving anthem provides a great opponent in what starts out as your typical performance based music video, that is until 10-seconds in. With performance based videos often being bland, a necessary evil where the end justifies the means, here we are treated to the perfect tonic, endless energy.

Not your ordinary director, Cyriak is one of a kind. Surreal is the style, an animation of sorts his weapon of choice. Breaking through in the music promo world with equally brilliant trickery for Eskmo’s We Got More, he¬†won a UK Music Video Award in the process. Its not just the fact he can turn a caterpillar into a butterfly, by essentially warping any usual visual into something differently entertaining, but his power to retain your attention through the little changes. The little things that take hours to adjust but only seconds to enjoy. Headerpillars. Simple. Fantastic. Simply fantastic. Truly the champ of post. Floats like a butterfly, stings like a bee!

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