Daniel Gomes x The Maine


As soon as the emotive piano starts with decided purpose, you know you’re in trouble. Is this going to be the tender tornado it sounds? Well simply, yes, it is. Transfixed on his pain, I’ve gone t-rex. Would I have even noticed her had she not moved? It’s clear now. The video instantly makes sense as a slow, sad eureka moment washes over you. As simple as the one-shot take, the story is told. Somehow Daniel Gomes has turned popstar and The Maine’s frontman John O’Callaghan into a believably tormented soul. Painfully intimate.

Originally hailing from the Big Smoke that is London, Daniel Gomes made the brave move to where the sun does shine, LA. A serial collaborator with The Maine, lighting is a key aspect for Mr Gomes. It sets the tone of his work in a powerful and controlled manner. With a strong skill-set and credibility in paper form for a first in English Literature, Theatre Studies and Production Design, it is of little suprise film beckons. Abstraction is I’m sure the first of many projects, I just hope we get to see some more music videos first.

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