Daniels x DJ Snake & Lil Jon


YES! The Daniels are back and as good as ever. One of the rare directing duos who always push the industry the right way, never disappoint regardless of artist and leaving millions bemusedly smiling. With Daniel Kwan himself starring the absurdities rule. Channelling D-Generation X at their wildest, Mr Kwan’s duracell-bunny embodied crotch smashes it in it’s central role. Nothing can stop the party starting pelvic thruster. Nothing. Batty drops, mammoth motorboats and a clever one-shot climax are literally just a bonus.

VIVA DANIELS! Somebody please pay them to make another. And another. Anyone that enjoys music videos at their best or even just incredible visuals should check out all their work here.

Word Is Cheap

word is cheap is the site to go to for all your music video needs. A site so visually stimulating it's already banned in North Korea. You can dance if you want to. -
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