David Tomaszewski x Casseurs Flowters



Director: David Tomaszewski

I have no clue what they’re saying but it don’t matter, the package is deep. Along with Kylie Minogue’s latest promo (actually really good) released on Nowness, photographic montages are bossing our screens. This time less fashion and hot never-aging popstar more street style hilarity from French artists, Orelsan + Gringe AKA Casseurs Flowters. Modern French rap is back and as 1995 show, its a whole new game with super-fly promos. This is some funny shizzle,  add a strangely catchy chorus and head-bobbing beat and snap by snap you’ve got promo gold.

A long-time collaborator with Orelsan, David Tomaszewski, is the consummate professional. Production and concept create a sturdy platform for which post can be exploited. No matter the project, post-production plays its part, and usually a big enjoyable part. A key component as even the above shows, realistically, what would this video have been without the missing Anteater? As the below proves, the funny’s are not a one off. Génie comique.

Word Is Cheap

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