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The UKMVAs passed by in a whirlwind this past week. If you’re reading this article on the Thursday it’s intended to be published then it’s been a whole week since the awards. To everyone else, it was even longer than one whole week ago! (woah..)
In news surprising nobody and pleasing everybody, David Wilson walked away with the award for Best Director. This, I can only assume, means that his 2009 award for Best New Director is now in the bin or something. You’re only allowed to keep one award at any time, right? That wasn’t just a thing my parents made up so they could clear space on the mantlepiece, surely?
David’s an artist building on his past successes, and it’s evident here that his past was very bloody successful
My own childhood traumas aside, lets take a look back a few years to a personal favourite David Wilson video of mine.
This video for The Bay by Metronomy just flat-out looks great. Taking the style of the French Riviera and pouring it over Torquay by the bucketload. Wilson plays with the form of the video medium masterfully by toying with crops and aspect ratios, sometimes even letting the video and its frame interact with each other and blend together. Not once does the visual style get in the way of the video’s aesthetic. Everything in and out of the frame works together to create a fantastical world full of style, playful imagery and a gorgeous, understated colour palette. It’s easy to draw a line between this video and his brilliant work for Tame Impala that helped him secure that Best Director award. David's an artist building on his past successes, and it’s evident here that his past was very bloody successful.

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