O. Chapman - 'Best Friend'


PREMIERE - O. Chapman - 'Best Friend' directed by Dylan Holmes Williams

Oh to be young and in love... with your imaginary friend. Or is a previous love leaving their mark on a mind that can't move on? It's that sense of confusion that Dylan Holmes Williams has so perfectly portrayed allowing O. Chapman's 'Best Friend' to smoothly syrup along. Director Dylan Holmes Williams had this to say:
'It was strange making a music video for O. Chapman - we used to know each other when I was 16 and in a mediocre indie rock band, writing mournful, angst-ridden love songs about relationships I'd never had. Totally inadvertently, the music video sort of became an affectionate reflection on that period in life - when you're either angry or in love or confused, seemingly all of the time. Unlike Oli, my musical ambitions far outstripped my ability, but it was great to reunite with him again for this. Best Friend sounds like being stuck inside someone else's dream - kind of fun and magical, but also slightly unsettling. I wanted to make a film that invoked that.'

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