Eric Watson x Pet Shop Boys


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It’s 1988 and Puerto Rico is hot. Director Eric Watson delivers what Rolling Stone magazine calls “probably the most homoerotic pop video ever made” in ‘Domino Dancing’. One of his 11 music videos with the Pet Shop Boys, sees two boys fight over the local sweetheart, a scene we’ve seen many times before but not like this. Set in Puerto Rico the 80s presence is unmissable, it feels authentic with all the actors Puerto Rican themselves, cast by the Pet Shop Boys. Fashion is at the forefront with each outfit, or lack thereof, trumping the last. Silver hardhat anyone?

COPSON are no stranger to what looks good. Their first drop ‘San Giacomo’ is inspired by late lazy Mediterranean nights and classic 1950s Italian style references, fused together with modern street wear influences. A look that wouldn’t have gone amiss in Puerto Rico ’88 nor does it in London where we’re rocking the Bellini Coach in Mint. COPSON is all designed and manufactured in London, check them here.

True to their cool image here’s what they had to say on their favourite music video:

“Retro, sunshine, style, music, babes – its got it all.”

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