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It’s no surprise that DOPs are often influenced by films, whether they be old or new – there is constantly something within them that people can relate to or draw influence from. Sometimes it’s down to the cinematography, the characters or the narrative that make them so rememberable in peoples’ memories for years after they are made; or sometimes it can simply be down to how a film can bring someone back to a time in their childhood.

Word Is Cheap caught up with Matyas Erdely (photo by Marton Perlaki), who has been a DOP for Foals, Arctic Monkeys, Rae Morris, James Blake and The Weeknd. He gave us a perfect insight into how he has been influenced by film over his career and how Star Wars may have kickstarted his love for cinematography…


‘Szerelem (Love)’ directed by Károly Makk

This films just sums up my background. I was 13 when Communism fell.

Also this film was shot by Janos Toth, a TRUE GENIUS!

‘Star Wars’ directed by Steven Spielberg 

I was so totally blown away by the Force.

I loved it so much, I think this film made me a filmmaker….

‘Se7en’ directed by David Fincher

Well this film just changed everything for me. When I first saw it I couldn’t move. It got to my bones. Every single frame of this film was PERFECT! These images stayed with me for years and years and years.

‘I am Cuba’ directed by Mikhail Kalatozov

OK, so this film just opened a new universe for me. Just breathtaking. Nothing to add…

‘Fantastic Mr Fox’ directed by Wes Anderson

I’ve seen this film at least 25 times w my kids. This is how they learn english. We even dressed up as the Fox family for my daughter’s 7th birthday 🙂

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