Lets be honest, this track should be in a film so lets all thank Fleur + Manu for quickly summarising the plot for us. It’s pure rampage music. If music could ever soundtrack a modern-day (violent) revolution it would be this track, I mean everybody loves a totalitarian dictatorship right? Never ending has been done before, most recently by another Word Is Cheap favourite Ryan Staake for his Diplo promo (featuring a never ending strip pole!) but the crown has now usurped.

Blowing minds is Fleur + Manu’s game and having previously featured in Word Is Cheap with their promo for Canyons (found here) its safe to say the Paris based duo are a firm favourite. Pat on the back from me aside, when The Creator’s Project AKA the global overseers of talent, take interest you know you’re killing it. Once again the French are pushing the boundaries (check out their M83 trilogy!). As usual the post-production is what turns their simple yet brilliant idea into the beast we see above. A beast held together by a simple under-rated accessory, the single glove. Michael Jackson knew it! Powerful imagery. Long live the King + Queen.

Word Is Cheap

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