Jack Conte x Avicii + Conte


This surely is the natural path our constantly connected world has created. I’ve just learnt how to both remix a track and create a music video whilst eating cheerios in my boxers, all this from the description part of a Youtube video. This truly is how far the platform, which recently held it’s inaugural Youtube Music Awards, has come. Thank you Youtube for giving the music video the rebirth it was waiting for.

Most credit must go to those that exploit the platform to it’s full potential an example being Lindsey Stirling who won the ‘Response of the Year’ award having received over 3.5m hits on Youtube. Jack Conte is in my mind a whole other level above in terms of creativity. In this moment, for this blog, we’ll have to gloss over the fact Jack has made Avicii a lot more listenable. The video though is just great. DIY at it’s best, this is because Jack embraces DIY. He hasn’t hidden the fact he’s shooting in the shed out the back of his Mum’s house and totally owning it. Inspiration from the internet as always. Although he implies anyone could do this, they could not.

**UPDATE**: He’s made another one and it’s even better BUT he shaved his beard off!

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