Jamie Thraves x Radiohead



This is a part of video history let alone music video folklore. Shot when 360p was all Youtube could handle ‘Just’ really does highlight how much and little music video has changed. Technology has raced forward while the core concept has stayed the same; engage your audience by doing something different. Here we had Radiohead in their prime, Jamie Thraves at the early end of a long and illustrious journey and well, a brilliant idea, brilliantly executed.

How do you even reinvent subtitles? Jamie Thraves did on his directorial debut within music video twisting the whole concept of promoting a band on its head. This led to Mark Ronson creating his own twisted version (much like his track) which in all fairness isn’t bad if you consider it’s an homage to an all time great whilst making fun of yourself: ‘why don’t you try writing your own songs?’.

Dipping in and out of music video whilst directing feature lengths, most recently for Sam Smith’s two biggest hits ‘Stay With Me’ and ‘Money On My Mind’, and a casual 200m+ hits Jamie Thraves is an ever-present on our legends list. Essentially living every up-and-coming director’s dream life Jamie highlights the possibilities a career in music video can present as well as the creativity this platform allows. Just look at Coldplay’s ‘The Scientist’ for proof, true to form it is gritty and clever. Classic Jamie.

It’s never been revealed what is said in ‘Just’ and almost certainly never will be. Theories have been flying around for years with the best being he’s a music video producer who’s predicted the fall in budgets that follows the 90s… But you really want to know why he’s lying there? OK I’ll tell you, but God forgive me, and God help us all because I don’t really know. What is interesting is people’s fascination within the video to find out why, being mirrored in countless Internet-forums. Almost a prediction of sorts. Lets hope it’s a lovely Summer’s day when we find out.

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