Kiesza + Ljuba Castot + Rami Samir Afuni x Kiesza


One shot. One chance. Those moves! Good old fashioned ‘family business’ at its best. With Kiesza’s ‘brother’ shooting it’s of no surprise the results seem cohesive and enjoyed, as if they’ve been friends for years. I’m sure there were the standard squabbles but regardless, rarely does dance translate this well in a music video.¬†Shootout to director and choreography Ljuba Castot! Feeling the variation of styles, kind of like in Bring It On right?

Simple back to basics stuff, a one shot video around the block with moves from start to finish. Just to reiterate, this girl can move! Unsurprising considering she is an ex-ballerina; what is surprising though is that she used to be in the Navy. Kiesza, we salute you! She’d make a great cheerocracy leader.

Word Is Cheap

word is cheap is the site to go to for all your music video needs. A site so visually stimulating it's already banned in North Korea. You can dance if you want to. -
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