Laura Bettinson x Femme


A jill of all trades this girl knows what’s good. Bringing image to the forefront is FEMME who surprisingly matches her style with substance. The girl can sing yet has built an image so concise it even comes with her own ‘bullet girls’. Not since style Goddess Gwen’s Harajuku girls; Love, Angel, Music and Baby has someone brought this level of thought.

On top of this Femme, real name Laura Bettinson, directs her own promos making her an instant favourite at word is cheap. The girl’s on point right down to her website, which has taken over from what was hands down the coolest tumblr going. Produces, creates artwork, writes, directs, sings, I bet she knows a thing or two about fashion too. Watch out Gwennie!*

So this is where I was hoping to stop laying the compliments down but unfortunately I really like the video. You can feel FEMME in it, with typically cool shots dominating. Slow-mo washing a dog, flashes of all things pink, vintage swimwear all whilst feeling empowered. It’s not sexy but when you hear girls in swimwear washing anything you think sex. Yes girl!

*Note: obviously no one really compares to Gwen…

Word Is Cheap

word is cheap is the site to go to for all your music video needs. A site so visually stimulating it's already banned in North Korea. You can dance if you want to. -
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