Marcus Adams x East 17


The London Ladybird started her blog in 2010, Ladybird coming from a school nickname that just stuck and London, well you can figure it out. A Cosmopolitan Blogger of the Year nominee, this little lady shares all, bares all and is in all honesty overly honest. Perfect for a quick pick me up her musings have a dash of femininity which recently has centred a little too much around her new boyfriend (we get it, you’re in love). Her deep affection of candidness makes the ride evermore enthralling, find out for yourself here.

Ms. LL has done us the pleasure of picking the yearly Christmas classic East 17’s ‘Stay Another Day’ as her all time favourite. Marcus Adams’ first music video before going on to direct feature films is a part of pop video history and led to a 2006/7 return with the likes of Fedde Le Grand, Eric Prydz and Axwell. This truly means, Christmas has begun. History aside here’s why she likes it:

“Videos of times gone by are the best. This one, released exactly ten years ago actually, seems to sum up 2014 perfectly: 90s fashion coming to the fore, a Kate Bush comeback and Bryan Harvey doing and wearing something untoward. What more could you want from a music video? Except fluffy white parkas and fake snow, of course.”

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