5 Things You Probably Did Know About Bootylicious, Because Beyoncé


5 Things You Probably Did Know About Bootylicious, Because Beyoncé.

Lets be serious, Beyoncé doesn’t have fans she’s got a following and that following know alllllllll about Bootylicious; for those that don’t know though, Bootylicious came out 14 years ago to the day. That’s some journey if you look at where Queen Bey came from to where she’s gone (being friends with the President and First Lady…). This anniversary, somehow forgotten by most, we thought it relevant to look at 5 things we know we know, and we know you almost probably certainly do know too. Because, well, Beyoncé:

1. Bootylicious was officially accepted into Oxford English Dictionary in 2004 defined as:

Bootylicious: (of a woman) sexually attractive

2. Beyoncé’s little sister Solange cameos as a young girl with a hell of a lot of sass. Bootylicious definitely runs in the genes…


3. Stevie Nicks’ ‘Edge of Seventeen’ is heavily sampled with the singer featuring in the video but ‘Bootylicious’ songwriter Rob Fusari (discoverer of Lady Gaga) had originally wanted to use the riff from ‘Eye of the Tiger’.

4. Rob explained to Billboard in 2010, you simply don’t mess with the straight talking Yoncés. Having lost 50% of the publishing on ‘Bootylicious’ because Matthew Knowles wouldn’t let him re-record the riff to ‘Edge of Seventeen’ (one note!) he then went on to hear Beyoncé claim she wrote the track in MTV’s Making The Video (watch the cringe at 1:24) with Mr. Knowles explaining to Rob:

People don’t want to hear about Rob Fusari, producer from Livingston, N.J. No offense, but that’s not what sells records. What sells records is people believing that the artist is everything.

5. Many of the dance moves in ‘Bootylicious’ are an homage to Michael Jackson resulting in the ladies performing for the King of Pop himself at his 30th Anniversary Special:

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