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Nettie Wakefield’s Favourite Music Videos

Nettie Wakefield is one of those annoyingly talented people, the kind at school people loved to hate but secretly were desperate to be friends with. The kind that when it came to art class her drawings looked like photos instead of squiggles. The kind that wrote a burn book and pinned it on her frenemy to the headmaster. No wait, that’s Rachel McAdams from Mean Girls.

Nettie’s art is anything but mean; her hyper-real line drawings bring a peace of mind, a calmness, where just for a moment everything makes sense. In keeping with this serenity Nettie’s first choice of favourite music video is by another artistically minded creative: Bjork who’s music and visuals provide similar emotions. Now although Nettie could draw a £50 note so believable we’d try to pick it up she is more base in her approach to written form:

“Bjork because I always used to listen to this song while I work and the video is calm and kind of like watching David Attenborough.”

nettie wakefield

Having said that juxtaposition creates power and much like her words contrast to her art, again her video choices are completely different. So it is to our great enjoyment that her second choice of favourite music video is Wu-Tang Clan’s completely ridiculous ‘Gravel Pit’.

Again letting her choices do the talking Nettie had this to say of the Wu:

“Wu Tang Clan because it’s like the Flinstones but with Method Man and sexy laydees.”

Check out more of her bewilderingly realistic pencil drawings here.

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