Some Observations About The UKMVA Shortlists



We’re so close you can almost smell the champagne on everyone’s breath. I’m talking, of course, about the UKMVAs - a place where I assume champagne will be available, but really I have no idea.
As the day is approaching faster than the moon in that Zelda game where the moon crashes into the Earth, I figured it’s about time we took a brief, near-clueless glance at the shortlist and tried to find some points to raise. A little bit like when popular culture site The A.V. Club make stray observations on TV shows, except with all the wit and wry cynicism of two stoned teenagers at a house party…
New Director is like, a construct, man.
No, but really. It’s great having a New Director category and all, but in doing so you open up a whole new can of worms. What constitutes a ‘new’ director in a profession where you could have been working longer than somebody nominated for Best Director yet still be considered new? How are we supposed to feel about ‘New’ Directors as opposed to ‘Best’ directors? Is one a lesser award? Oh, god somebody just tell me what to think.

Nobody Dances to Dance Music
Or at least, they don’t in the videos. It’s all fighting, fucking and fury for the most part. Oh, and hot chip getting forlorn. Which is great! ‘Dance’ is an incredibly broad term in today’s music landscape and the narrative-laden videos in the category show just how far that can reach.
Oh wow, there’s a Best Lyric Video Category
Seriously, thank god this became a thing. Sure, there’s probably a kitschy charm to a windows movie-maker default text lyric video from the annals of youtube, but adding some actual skill and vision to this medium was needed, and now the people saving us from lyric websites full of awful pop-up ads are getting some recognition for being saints who walk among us. We are blessed.

Best Artist, eh? 
Turn on BBC Radio 1 at lunch time on a Saturday, write down the first 6 names you hear. Fantastic - there’s your shortlist!
I mean, it’s great that it’s a departure from the VMAs in terms of who's being celebrated but if the UKVMAs is the underdog of the music video award show circuit, it’d be nice to see them rooting for a few littler guys who are taking big risks musically, and in terms of the directors they choose to pair up with.

Who is the Kanye West of the UKMVAs?
What if someone goes off-message for 20 minutes and announces their political ambitions? What if David Wilson pulls off a rubber mask and after all this time he’s actually Jeremy Corbyn? Don’t tell me that’s not possible - don’t you believe in magic!?
Seriously, do they have champagne at these things?
I don’t even want any I’m just really curious.*

*NOTE FROM EDITOR: No Luke, no there isn't.

Luke Bather

I live in Manchester and I make Music Videos. Sometimes I write things and I think all this coffee is giving me chest pains.

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