YTMAs Recap


As we try to take a retrospective look at the YTMAs and what it all means we did what any procrastinating professional adult does, and made a list. A list to end all lists you say? Well no. Just a list. Following their semi-successful livestreamed Music Awards in 2014 we all thought, OK, they’ll do that again and it’ll be even better. It must be noted that with budgets often dwindling in Music Video, YouTube’s fearlessness of the unknown can only be a positive as they work out how best to use their platform. Here’s to what’s next.

We have put together a little portfolio of the bits we enjoyed starting with interviewing Saman Kesh on his Kygo promo. Coming out this week we have a Director Vs Producer Special with Sing J. Lee and Emory Ruegg. If that’s not enough we also have an in-depth chat with Commissioner of the Year Caroline Clayton about her involvement in the YTMAs and beyond. And let’s forget the best of all, this list.

So here’s five things we learnt from the YTMAs:

1. YouTube take Music Video very seriously (in a good way).
2. Having big budgets doesn’t necessarily mean great videos.
3. Music Video is still a hotbed of young brilliant directors.
4. Hollywood actors always add another dimension and a few stars to the video rating.
5. It’s (somehow) possible to direct a Music Video via Skype.

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