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Creativity comes in many forms, literally. It's now not uncommon for individuals to create across multiple disciplines with Cara Stricker being one such polymath. What makes Cara stand out is how succinct her look and feel is. From her photography to moving image, soundtracked by her band, everything is sensual, sexual and beautiful. Peep more of Cara's work at: / /
Having been chosen by Kinga Burza in last months "What I'm Loving" it seemed only right Cara let us know what she's been into in the last few months of the music video world. And as expected the list is everything Cara.

Tame Impala – 'The less I know the Better' directed by CANADA
I love this clip.
I can't help but just want to love/ hate that gorgeous female temptation. We all know her, and have been there. Canada's approach to presenting lust, sex and visual foreplay is so alluring. Teamed up with the bands history of pure hand touched visually unique approach to music videos and direction, this is just such a perfect reflection of Tame Impala; psychedelic playful and sexy as hell artistry.
Obviously a gorgeous album, I love how this turn of music videos for their current album has moved out from straight animation to incorporate reality amongst Kevin Parker's lulling harmonies wrapped around a sense of strung out immediacy that is infused in teenage lusty hormonal urges.
Canada's rare approach to create this blend between handcrafted and live empathetic surreal flow draws out the quiet complex levels that can feel indescribable in love triangles.
I cant help but be reminded of that time experiencing heart ache unfold as you deny watching your heart playfully being ripping it out in front of you and casually throw into the bin. I can't stop watching this. Addictive visions of obsession!

Jennylee - 'Never' directed by Mia Kirby and Jennylee
As a female and human, I find being free and expressing yourself is the time you feel best and inspired. Jenny Lee Lindberg captures this effortlessly! When I saw this video for the first time, I had been up all the night in my room alone playing with video feedback looping for an instillation in New York.  I couldn't stop wanting to just go, I LOVE THIS I GET YOU AND LOVE THAT YOU ARE HONEST ABOUT PUTTING THIS OUT THERE. Everything starts the same way, at least for me, lo-fi, mostly in my bedroom. It makes me want to sit in a room with her and hang out. 

Jenny Lee embodies the free spirit in us, through an acceptance of vulnerability found within the hours of bizarre experimentation, in hope to inspire that same freedom to those around you. In a day so filled with tech it's refreshing to relate to the human process. The artist, notably half of the directorial duo, really works to capture her spirit, seemingly without compromise. Any video that does that is a great video! I read recently amongst a day filled with hours of mindless procrastination, that Jenny Lee had to overcome an acceptance of her voice for the album. To be able to capture that sensation is a rare beautiful find, which I'm sure we can all relate to in some way or another. "Don't move to someone else's rhythm".

M.I.A. - 'Borders' directed by M.I.A.
Another great release recently is M.I.A.'s Border's.
It's undeniably strong and striking. Notably M.I.A. directed, art directed and had a part in all the creation of this video.
For any artist I think it's important to be part of the whole process, for the audience to fully understand your vision. For such a strong political sentiment we need women and people like this to demonstrate awareness through their talent and medium.
Her poetic expression and visually striking material juxtaposed against the harsh realities of the most disadvantaged situations is effortlessly presented to be compared and questioned, rather than thrown in your face, really taking advantage of the empathy one can generate within the tools of a great music video.
MIA remains calm standing amongst the sea of strong message that seeks not to offend or create upheaval, just to question 'What's with that?'.
I love seeing this involvement from so many female artists in today's music and visual discourse, its continuingly inspiring.
It is exciting to be part of a time that these issues can be presented seamlessly through music, visual, and an industry gaining exponential awareness through individual voices.
Kick ass video.

Word Is Cheap

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