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Kinga Burza's back in the game with a bang. Following up Foxes with the luscious Lana Del Rey everybody knows this is a lady that's always at the top of her game. Having introduced the world to Katy Perry with 'I Kissed A Girl' and visualised the unforgetable Summer anthem 'In For The Kill' for La Roux, you know this is a woman with pedigree.
We couldn't think of a better person to kick off our new "What I've Been Loving Recently" feature. Pure love as we've been introduced to two new videos (thanks Kinga! Videos of the day for sure). So enjoy, the inner thoughts of Kinga Burza.

Drool - 'End Girl' directed by Cara Stricker + Gina Gammell
Kinga Burza: This video didn't technically come out in October but as I feel its really healthy to have an occasional vacation from the internet, sometimes I'm likely to discover some things a bit late. Better late than never, this gem of a track/video makes me want to dig up those high waisted flares I have somewhere in storage, put on some glitter eyeshadow and dance disco moves in slow motion right up there next to Cara Stricker. For me it's eye candy at it's finest and you can't help but get hooked from the first shot of those derrieres in see-through knickers before being transported on a one-take ride through the most glamourous and sexy shindig that feels a bit like what the morning after the night before at Studio 54 might look like in 2015.   It may be very chic but it is also mysterious- representing a random sonic drop in the track with a character that is a little reminiscent of a mini Aphex twin look-a-like where you wonder which idea came first- the visual or the sound? After all, one of the female director duo behind this project is also the artist.....

Hinds and The Parrots - 'All my loving and Davey Crockett' directed by Marc Oller
KB: Following a bunch of kids who happen to be the band members of these two bands - this video by Marc Oller would have very successfully seduced the 17 year old me into moving to Spain and trying to learn a guitar just so that I could too join the Hinds and sing into a hairbrush with my girlfriends while we performed and partied from night to day.   There's a Canada stamp that feels apparent, yet the mood is so playful, enjoyable and above all natural, you can't help questioning if the bands knew each other before, how much was actually scripted, what was improvised and whether there was any romance between the members off screen post shoot?! It's quirky, fun and friendly and to me, a video which makes its audiences want to be in it - is always...a good one.
Skrillex and Diplo ft. Aluna George - 'To U' directed by AG Rojas
KB: I adore that Aluna George didn't attempt to meet this idea halfway with glossy beauty lighting and fake eyelashes - that's the difficult thing with many female artists of today. Beauty in 2015 is weirdly often defined in the quality of skin evenness, false manicures and hair extensions and where here, amongst this romantic portrayal of adolescence- with a rawness and beauty that's reminiscent of the late Nan Goldin's stills, I love how perfectly she fits in among this cast of teenage locals from Detroit. AG Rojas captured a moment in time that feels somewhat ageless with a cinematic intimacy and poetic charm that I know is becoming rarer than ever to capture these days.

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