Nicolas Randall & Joe Stevens x Daft Punk


Just lose yourself to dance. Surely another Nile Rodgers inspired hit for the robots from France and how better to follow a Summer block buster like Get Lucky. As usual the secretive DJs once again boycott their visuals, however in a surprising turn the video is incredibly American in substance. Shooting a sub-culture of dance in LA will do that, and why not? We may have thought we’d seen it all before but Erik Argote, Kadeem Johnson, Justin Brown, and Rav Rivera AKA Daft Signz are another level, and I guess, another genius marketing ploy from Daft Punk.

Talent is paramount but there’s a reason talent shows have 10 cameras shooting from all angles, it’s the way it’s shot and edited together that allows us to experience the energy of the California-based dance phenomenon. That is something Nicolas and Joe have excelled at. Breathing new life into the cliched LA suburbs with equally as impressive dance moves as the shots that capture them. With a background in advertising it’s of no surprise that the shots themselves are so slick in style. Just as the track is dance personified, the visuals are happiness personified, even if just because the big guys have given the little(ish) guys an opportunity and they’ve nailed it. Once again Daft Punk keep us on our toes but this time Nicolas and Joe have made them twinkle.

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