Olivier Groulx x alt-j


How better to compare man and woman but via music video. A platform used for all types of video from narrative and Japanese twerk-bots to technologoy and the ultimate 3D mapping. Nothing is off limits in music video. Nowadays the anthropology viewpoint is common documenting all the brilliant at their finest. The cream of the crop from all around this planet we call Earth lit and framed with expert experience. If a video goes viral sooner than later it is incorporated into a music video, little b-boper BGIRL TERRA going Jungle in ‘Platoon‘, concrete skating Arabs showing off in MIA’s Badgirl, the list goes on. And on as pretty much every Rudimental video shows. Music video has now overtaken comedy as the biggest critique of mankind.

With Alt-J taking an active role in the narrative of their last video, ‘Hunger of the Pine’, it is obvious they take care of their visuals. Set against a backdrop of documentary shots, even some stock footage, ‘Every Other Freckle’ pits a beautiful girl and boy against each other with completely interchangeable parts in their own versions of the video. With a touch of ‘Tree of Life’ meets the Internet (when will we get over cats?) Olivier creates the perfect palate for comparison. With all the shots the same throughout there is nowhere to hide for each sex, the simplicity of which is beautiful and thus gripping.

The music video isn’t just a look at the different sexes in their basic form; it also shows what we are like beyond our skin and bones. With girl getting over two times the hits as boy we see the Internet’s nature at its most carnal. In a world brought up worshipping the female form by both men and women, it is of little surprise the hits are as heavily biased. So maybe you’ve already watched the Boy version above but we both know you’re going to click below to see the Girl in all her glory.

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