#TBT The Strokes 'Last Night'



Maybe it’s because I still love the Strokes, maybe because it’s a great song, maybe because the memory of being wasted at their Hyde Park gig is fresh in my mind or maybe because I wish guitar bands weren’t dying the death they currently are – but I love this video. It’s so simple. It’s essentially just Julian Casablancas wandering round drunk, looking like he needs a wash, singing about how nobody understands him.

The band originally didn’t want to do a video for the song but were persuaded by Roman Coppola in his music video making heyday – because you know maybe a video made by the son of the Godfather Director wouldn’t be all bad. Coppola’s video deliberately harks back to the 1970’s, as all rock and roll bands do, with the band playing on what appears to be a 70’s chat show. The Strokes even went as far as to steal a Seventies intro for the beginning of the song (Tom Petty’s American Girl). As hey you know, who wouldn’t want to be a 70’s rock star?

Julian’s microphone breaking, stumbling, mumbling performance in this video was our generation’s television out of a hotel window – and both vastly improved our lives not only musically but by allowing us to live vicariously through them. When it boils down to it, who would you rather be? A packaged pop star singing about being drinking when they can’t even get in the club or a bedraggled Julian Casablancas drunkenly singing about spaceships…

Emily Harrison

Amateur filmmaker and photographer. Anthropology graduate and firm believer that where words fail music speaks. -
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