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How do you describe an artist like Troxum? Seriously different to start! Troxum’s (photo by Gregory Neiser) FB page goes with “electronic, spacerock, spacesynth, synthpop, psychedelic, electro, baroque, 16-bit” which seems like a good place to start. The music is quite simply beautiful in a modern-yet-retro clean-yet-glitchy kind of way.

With Troxum’s debut album ‘Gaia Lesson’ out 22.09.15 through Telefuture (also available as a 24-kt Gold CD, obviously) we caught up with the producer to find out what his favourite music video is. Or in this care, music videos are. So while we wait for his next music video which he promises to be “very psychedelic”, here are Troxum’s favourite music videos.

TROXUM: Probably one of my favorite music videos is The Knife’s ‘A Tooth For An Eye’, which came out two years ago. I love The Knife and consider them a huge inspiration to my music. The video has a lot of intriguing choreography between men, a lot of trust and balance movements that are shared between men. I like how the video draws attention to how men have lost a kind of purposeless intimacy and movement with each other in society. In modern Western society, men keep themselves so apart from each other, they’ve lost simple touch with each other in a platonic way. It’s not a complicated video, just simple banter between men, all conducted by a young girl in a gym but it’s exactly the kind of gender interrogation and masculinity interrogation that I love about The Knife in their music, lyricism, and imagery.

My next favorite video would have to be Röyksopp & Robyn’s ‘Monument’. It’s one of those videos where it’s very much in the mind and meditative. It starts with synapses and particles colliding and pulling apart and then we’re in a limbo space, just a simple lit platform with Robyn and the Röyksopp guys plainly dressed which is this great contrast. The visuals unfold and thump along with the march of the music. Some amazing visual effects evolve as we soar through a panopticon of architecture and geometry like an MC Escher work lost in space. Then we find Robyn and Royksopp’s limbo platform is in space itself in an unclear scale, with stars hanging around. I love anything with celestial visuals. This video sort of reminds me of Darren Aronofsky’s The Fountain, people in a kind of limbo nebular space contemplating their life and afterlife. At the very end an inverted black pyramid bears down on the platform. I love videos that incorporate simple geometry, fractals, moving patterns, purposeless movement of the body, and cellular automata, and this video has much of that.

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