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Tom Hudson is a man of many, many talents. Primarily he’s known as being one quarter of the Leeds band Pulled Apart By Horses, but beyond that he’s also an illustrator, animator and music video director creating hugely colourful, surreal multimedia work dripping in skull imagery.

With posters, album covers and music videos under his belt that experiment with and combine lo-fi effects, stop motion and traditional animation for downright weird results, I wasn’t really shocked when he told me his favourite music video was for Peter Gabriel’s Sledgehammer.

I’ll let Tom elaborate from here:

“To choose one music video out of a sea of amazing & innovative music videos is pretty tough! I think I find a new video I like almost on a weekly basis but I guess the best way to choose ‘the one’ is to go with something that can stand the test of time! 

As a kid I was lucky enough to grow up having MTV from a fairly early age, it was all I’d watch. I have always loved music (before I could even talk properly I would try and mimic songs) but the first time I had experienced music paired with visuals was mind blowing! Michael Jackson’s ‘Moonwalker’ was the 2nd thing I ever saw at the cinema – it’s basically a feature length music video. 

I remember my Dad owning the Peter Gabriel music videos on VHS, this is when I found ‘Sledgehammer’. I would watch it on repeat. I think ‘Sledgehammer’ has to be at the top of the list when it comes to my favourite music videos – before Gondry, Cunningham and Jonze there was Stephen R. Johnson (& the skills of Aardman Studios & the Brothers Quay). 

It’s playful, imaginative, insane, surreal and totally confusing but I couldn’t (and still can’t) stop watching it. I was obsessed with it and felt like I had to study every single frame just in case I missed something. I had seen things animated before (obviously), and had seen stop motion / claymation (Trap Door!) but pixelation (human subjects animated in stop motion) was really confusing! The thing that ‘Sledgehammer’ does so well is seamlessly blend so many different effects into one – claymation, pixelation, traditional animation. It’s hard to keep up with the pace! One minute Gabriel’s got a train whizzing round his head, then he’s made out of ice, fruit and plasticine… the next thing you know he’s dancing with a chicken. Amazing! It’s still weird, it’s still ridiculous and I still can’t stop watching it.”

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