Premiere: Troxum 'Hexalith'



Troxum's an individual from Pittsburgh who we've been enjoying both aurally and visually. A real modern Renaissance man with a do-it-yourself attitude who's all kinds of interesting. Having sent us his latest track we're hugely proud to premiere his master class in compression aesthetics for his latest self-directed video Hexalith from debut album 'Gaia Lesson'.
If you're into any kind of glitch based visual or epic eerie music, this is for you. So set to 1080p, turn brightness up to full, switch the lights off and crank the volume.

The synesthesia-inspired visual's gamut of culty glitch techniques (pixel sorting, datamoshing, codec corruption, and 3D renderings of space environs) add up with Troxum's chaotic synth work for a psychedelic intergalactic trip. It largely takes place in a pulsating dome of light, which is Plume, by multimedia artist Ian Brill, featured in the past by The Creators Project.

Troxum, who has become known for similar videos, notably Lucky Sun, a DAZED magazine music video of the month, says Hexalith tells the story of his journey to Earth but unfortunately much of the footage was damaged by cosmic radiation.

Gaia Lesson from Telefuture Records is available on a 24kt gold disc, which is immune to radiation.

For Pittsburghers, Troxum opens for space rock stalwarts, Zombi, May 21, at Spirit. HYPE HYPE HYPE HYPE!
Here are some behind the scenes photos from Hexalith:

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