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D. VS. P. – The March Edition

This month we have Academy’s Christopher Barrett and Luke Taylor AKA Us in the directors’ chair going up with Caviar’s new Head of Music Video Ore Okonedo.

Us: I hadn’t seen this promo before however I’m familiar with Colin’s work. I really liked how this promo started. I was intrigued, but then felt like it went into a familiar montage. There was some lovely moments and I liked the overall concept, I just felt it lacked originality in the tone of the shoot. It sure does capture the energy and mood of the song though!

Ore Okonedo: This wasn’t for me. I like Colin Tilley, he doesn’t usually work on my musically taste, but he always tries to do something interesting which I like. This particular one just wasn’t for me, I’m kind of bored of the comical spin on drugs and the heads exploding just didn’t make me laugh – I think it was supposed, right?

Ore: I love this for one reason only – TOM HANKS! How could I even begin to critique a living legend.

Us: There have been a fair few celeb/actors in music promos recently and Tom Hanks has to be one of the biggest. However I really don’t get this at all. Im sure they didn’t have Tom for a very long time but still the promo feels weak. If you remove Hanks from the promo what do you really have. I don’t feel like its fun enough to be good, I would have loved to have seen Hanks going a bit extra with his performance or some twist.

Ore: The Dancers are amazing, I don’t hate this it’s got a vibe. The track is smooth, the cast put in a good performance, really like the colours as well.

Us: Loved the aesthetic of this video. Also the choreography was brilliant. I wasn’t quite sure how the narrative was incorporated into it but the musicality was great. Great styling and casting.   Its hard to take your eyes off the choreography. I would have loved more of it to be honest. Would have been nice for it to have developed more.

Us: I watched this one a few weeks back and really enjoyed it. For one the visual with the music was spot on, totally captured the feeling and tone of the song. Its quite interesting to see slow motion being used in a way that didn’t feel tired. The narrative is so intriguing you think its going down a very dark road. The casting is great, cinematography is spot on. I would say the big thing this promo has on its side is the length of the song. It fits the narrative in perfectly. Im a big fan of simple ideas well executed and this is one of those.

Ore: This left me wanting more. This was good, I was waiting for them to break into a weird crazy dance, but instead she pulls out a taser, that definitely threw me. I thought it was nicely shot, casting was solid – yeah cool piece.

Ore: How can you not like this? Action Bronson is a GGGGG. Track is solid. Video is dope! Every time I watch this it makes me smile, like right now. I feel like this is stupid in the right way if that makes sense. This one is my favourite!

Us: I really like this idea, I think the low-fi style works really well for Action. Again in terms of direction the things that really make it are those moments where Action is off camera, I love the intertgration of the beats headphones. Going from the green screen to the digital world is again really nice and funny, you begin to start trying to guess what is going to happen next. All the behind the scenes moments are what make it for me. Good fun!

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