Us x Benga



Ever wondered how much a Wiley music video costs to make (£3k). Or how the above was actually made? We didn’t have a clue when we first posted about it but fortunately Luke Taylor, one half of directing-duo US, gave us the answers at It’s Nice That’s ‘Nicer Tuesday’ talks. Interestingly they built the statue first and shot the promo backwards by cutting off the vinyl one by one in what was supposed to be an attention gaining promo for a free download from Benga. Makes it even better considering their aim was to ‘go viral’, an incredibly meaningless request. The statue now sits in Soundcloud’s Berlin office, once their CEO heard about the video he made them build another.

On an evening based around the music industry Micachu also explained her style, explaining her decision making is often based on what ‘felt right’. Dan Wilton and Ben Drury also gave us an insight into tour photography and artwork respectively. Check out It’s Nice That’s coverage here.

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