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Previously Ed’s style has been described as having “a strong relation to truth; informing the viewer that what they are looking at truly exists in their understanding of the world” also that his “paintings are a language of forms where different signs on the picture plane varying in mass, texture and line act as signifiers for a signified whole. Some signs convey the truth and others tell lies.” Wise words indeed.

We on the other hand are not here to sell Mr. Haslam’s art so can be more forthright in our appraisal. Lets be honest, the boy’s got talent. Ed’s taste has always been questionable, who else would paint a naked fat man with broad strokes, yet we do not judge books by their covers here. It is his overall vision which has always inspired. It’s not so different for his choice of favourite music video, Clap! Clap!’s Kuj Yato. Quite what is going on, I don’t know but the overall feeling that is left is one of positivity. What I have seen made me happier. True to his character Ed gave us some choice words to help explain why this is his favourite video:

Its such a powerful video given its simple content. You get the sense that the beat is driving the witchdoctor into a trance state of mind and you’re right there with your mind warping too. Big fan of Clap! Clap!

Bumph indeed but a great choice nonetheless. Check out Ed’s art below.

Ed Haslam 1    V

   Reclining Nude

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