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Animals and UFO’s are two components rarely combined, and music video is no exception, but in ‘Ocelot’, the new video for Emancipator the two are seamlessly put together in a way that makes you question why this has never been done before.
This combination is the brainchild of 20x20, the dynamic duo, hailing all the way from Tehran, have been making waves on the LA scene with their quirky style and trippy visual’s. The new video explores further their love of unique and surreal graphics, as they create a snow-covered and colourless world inhabited by holographic animals, trees with eyes and UFO’s. We chat to them about you begin making a video for a song without lyrics and the inspiration behind that winning combination of animals and UFO’s.
WORD IS CHEAP: What was the inspiration behind making holographic animals and UFOs the center of the video?
20x20: When we found out the title of the track “Ocelot” we got excited. It’s rad — an Ocelot is a really mysterious animal so we decided to tell the story by not showing the overall power of that animal. We had the main power come from another world - The UFO. Which changed the roll of the Ocelot, the focus was still - but not the main row. Was shared between the UFO and Ocelot.
we wanted to create an environment with the feeling of something between Summer and Winter
WIC: Does working with a song without lyrics make the process of deciding what to create easier or harder?
20x20: It depends on the music. Some music tells you the story after listening to it once. Sometimes you can be lost with your ideas, but for this one we had a direction. The Ocelot helped us run the creative.
WIC: How did you decide on the color scheme or lack of it?
20x20: We wanted to create an environment with the feeling of something between Summer and Winter — so we went with a foggy - mysterious forest. Stirring away from any feelings of Autumn. Somewhat creating a new season - between all the seasons - hence an alien invading forest.
WIC: How come you chose to work with essentially still images?
20x20: We're always inspired to tell a story that seems like you missed the beginning. Like watching a movie from the middle and wondering what happened. We froze all the animals creating a suspenseful feeling that something had happened to all life. Crystalized design was the form we went with.
WIC: What does the ending, when the UFO’s beam up all but one of the animals, symbolize?
20x20: It was all about the power of the Ocelot. The connection between the aliens and itself.
An Alien apocalypse and how the Ocelot helped aliens and vice versa. Total power of the world. Aliens got what they wanted and the Ocelot can rule the planet and create an Ocelot kingdom.
WIC: Do you prefer creating animations or shooting live action? Or a mixture??
20x20: We love to do both! — Especially a mix of the two. Already we have two live action/motion graphic music video coming up next month. One of them for Julian Casablanca’s + The Voids which is kind of a retro VHS style and other one is for Rest of the Gangs. We definitely plan to do more live action

Emily Harrison

Amateur filmmaker and photographer. Anthropology graduate and firm believer that where words fail music speaks. -
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