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It’s not often that music videos explore deep philosophical concepts like the meaning of life, and even less often that it’s told through the form of interpretative dance. But this is exactly what Alan Masferrer has done for George Fitzgerald’s new video 'Full Circle'. We chat to the self-taught Barcelona based director about existentialism, life after death and abstracted reality.

It seems fitting that Word Is Cheap's first official interview on this site was Alan Masferrer's video for Basement Jaxx 'Mermaid of Salinas' and now our latest bringing us full circle.

WORD IS CHEAP: What inspired you to create a music video about the stages of life? How did you pick your 8 stages to life? 

The chapters consist of:
  1. Conception
  2. Pregnancy
  3. Birth
  4. Childhood
  5. Youth
  6. Adultness
  7. Oldness
  8. Death
ALAN MASFERRER: I'm afraid I tend to be a bit existential, so the first thing I thought when I read "full circle" was about the circle of life. I've also been thinking a lot about this concept lately as I've become an adoptive Dad recently, this is probably the reason I included conception as the first stage, instead of birth, but in an abstract way. I described that process just as the result of the union of two people in love, creating the form of a beating heart with both dancers together. The pregnancy stage wasn't at the treatment initially, it came when I asked Anna Hierro to appear in the video and she told me about her pregnancy condition. Obviously I thought that could be an interesting addition and I took advantage of that as she was totally open to appear on it, even having to dance. The other stages came in more naturally and I just tried to show them in a non obvious way.
I prefer to expose an idea or question and let the viewer think by themself instead of giving a clear view or interpretation
WIC: Why did you decide on dance as the method to tell the story?
AM: I always prefer abstract forms instead of realistic. I usually try to scape from reality somehow, and  dance lets you approach anything from a more open angle. My next music video, already in post-production stage, will be also based on dance, although being approached in a totally different way.

George Fitzgerald Behind The Scenes
WIC: You disorientate and confuse the viewer through light and dark and heavy contrast among other methods, what was the intention behind this creative decision?
AM: Really? I didn't want to confuse nobody! It's just that I prefer to expose an idea or question and let the viewer think by themself instead of giving a clear view or interpretation from myself. I just try to knock on the emotions, I'm nobody to tell people what to feel or think.
WIC: Was it important to physically represent the 'circle of life' with the track?
AM: Yes, as it was a metaphor that linked the concept of the video with the "mise en scene".
WIC: Do you have strong personal beliefs about life and death?
AM: I don't believe in any kind of life after death, I just think we are energy that takes other forms once we die, but anyway I've always felt attracted by spiritual themes.
WIC: Cameras and behind the scenes equipment feature in the video rather than being hidden from view, what was the reason for this decision?
AM: Maybe I'm too conceptual, but I always like to take the idea to all the levels of the video. In this case, I wanted to show life as a representation, a play, we even tried to shoot it in a theatre, showing everything from the stage instead of the usual spectator point of view, but unfortunately all the affordable ones in Barcelona were closed on vacation when we shot it.
WIC: Is the whole video and every decision made all part of a huge metaphor about life??
AM: Yes, but please read it in a non pretentious way, as this is the only way I know how to do it.

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