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In what became an instant music┬ávideo hit Tame Impala have managed to keep up their ridiculously high visual standards to match their own audio dreaminess in ‘The Less I Know The Better’. How they’ve done so is by employing everyone’s favourite collective CANADA. There are a few sure bets in this industry and once again CANADA have proved they are in that calibre.

The depth to this video makes it a seemingly never ending source of sultry entertainment. From the paint sculpture to the illustrations, the outfits to the giant monkey! Don’t. Even. Blink. Seriously, you’ll miss something great. Incase you did blink we caught up with the collective to find out how they created such a completely CANADA world.

Word Is Cheap: How close is the video to the original treatment? Were there any shots you had to cut?

CANADA: Pretty close. The treatment was, basically, a visual approach. We suggested also the basic plotline, the love triangle in the basketball universe.

However, we developed the script and the shooting in a later stage.

If you want it to be sexy and it is not or you don’t want to be sexy and it is, then this is significant. But it’s not a quantitative matter, it’s just qualitative.
WIC: Did you think the video may be too sexy at any point?
C: We don't feel that something can be TOO sexy as something significant, whether it's good or bad.
If you want it to be sexy and it is not or you don't want to be sexy and it is, then this is significant. But it's not a quantitative matter, it's just qualitative.
WIC: How did you make the sculpture?
C: We bought it.
WIC: The styling is so on point, did you make a lot of the outfits yourself?
C: Pretty much, yes. We designed Trevor's shirt, Albert's basketball shirt and Laia's dancing costumes for both choreographic numbers (as well as the costumes for the other 4 dancers).
WIC: Were you worried you wouldn't find the right location at any point? Was it all shot in the same school?
C: Actually, it's not a school. It's a sort of big occupational health complex built in the seventies by the renowned Catalan architect Antoni Bonet. It's an amazing place.
WIC: Why did you decide to include an animation segment near the end?
C: Well, the illustrated segment was actually one of the core concepts of our proposal.
We like to draw and somehow, these two concepts, eroticism and basketball, they're linked in our previous drawings. So, in a way, the drawings we did in the past were one of the seeds of the idea.
WIC: Been seeing a lot of basketballs in your videos recently, are you guys big basketball fans??
C: Basketball is beautiful. Slender bodies flying at the same time, fighting to reach the highest point in the air, a sort of weightless duel.

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