George Belfield x Kwabs


Never has so much snow provided such intangible warmth. Beauty isn’t simply in the eye of the beholder on this one, which is of course to be expected with Steve Annis behind the camera, but it is the vision of George Belfield that continues to attract. Each shot although similar in concept is as unique and intricate as a snowflake leaving the viewer mesmerised by settings daily taken for granted.

George’s growth is of course testament to Somesuch’s continued effort in nurturing ‘homegrown’ talent. Having studied under current giant and future behemoth Daniel Wolfe, George has fast become his own man. Secretly we’re certain we’ll be seeing parts of this in Sweden’s next tourism push, or perhaps even Mr. Belfield at the helm of Sweden’s next campaign. They should be so lucky. In the meantime we had a chat with George to find out how much planning went into the shoot, where the inspiration for the grade came from and just how Kwabs handled the long walk in the snow.

Word Is Cheap: What made you decide to focus on cinematography in what must be the most beautiful video of the year so far.

George Belfield: Steve Annis and I share a lot of the same aesthetic sensibilities. With this video I wanted to make something simple and spare to complement Kwabs’ performance. Steve’s got a great eye so each shot feels considered enough to be able to hold on in the edit.

There was an amazing icy lilac colour to the dawn light in Sweden, we wanted to recreate that without it feeling too graded.

The planning of shots seems to be meticulous and completely preplanned, was this the case?

Yes, more or less. There are a couple of things we spotted and picked up on the day, like the shot of the tree, but by and large every shot was preplanned by Steve and I during the recce.

Where in Sweden did you shoot ‘Perfect Ruin’, did the snow cause any problems on the day?

In a town called Luleå just shy of the Arctic Circle. The local crew are so used to shooting in those conditions that there was never really anything that was insurmountable. Our camera truck got stuck in the snow at one point but the we all dug in and pushed it out.

The colour palette is surreal yet real what pushed you in that direction?

There was an amazing icy lilac colour to the dawn light in Sweden, we wanted to recreate that without it feeling too graded. Simon Bourne at Framestore has an amazing instinct and a lightness of touch so I invariably turn up to the grade and the job is already done.

Kwabs has recently started to feature in his promos, how did he cope walking what looks like miles!?

With stoic professionalism – despite the -20C temperatures. Kwabs is an amazing performer and a genuine artist. It was great to work with him.

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