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Greg + Lio continue to smash the conceptual meets performance world they know and love, this time taking Casseurs Flowters to literally show how lazy they can be. We're talking not even getting up to make the 3-pointer go swoosh. With such ridiculously fluid camera movement we wouldn't be surprised to see something similar at a commercial near you soon. The contained, bold, beauty left us wanting to know more, we had a chat with Greg + Lio about the concept, execution and how many takes it took to get it right!

Word Is Cheap: How and why did you decide to shoot everything from above in a semi-apocalyptic world?

Greg + Lio: The song is about laziness and how to get out of it. So we decided that our characters should be laying down all the time, almost not moving at all, until the very end. And the best way to shoot people laying down is with top shots.
it’s a combination of good shooting tools, gifted people to use them (one more time we have to say thank you to all our crew), and a bit of stabilisation in post production
WIC: Has repeatedly working with Casseurs Flowters helped your creative process when making videos with them?

G+L: With Orelsan and Gringe (the casseurs flowteurs) we immediately felt at ease, had a lot of common points, and some similar ideas. Both of the duos know and respect each other's work so that was a very good start.  Since our first collaboration they trusted us 100% so it's really confortable to directors like us to be more creative and give our best. WIC: How much prep goes in to a one-shot like this?

G+L: In fact it was divided in 4 parts. First we thought about the idea of it. Second we made a test with Lego. Third we had a rehearsal the day before the shoot with a few elements and a GoPro on a stick. Fourth we shoot it for real. On first try we cut the shot in two to be sure to have something in the end of the day and finally one hour before the sunset we managed to do it in one take a few times. We have kept our favourite one. WIC: How exactly did you get such fluid camera work?

G+L: Ahahaha it's our little secret. But it's a combination of good shooting tools, gifted people to use them (one more time we have to say thank you to all our crew), and a bit of stabilisation in post production.

WIC: What was your biggest obstacle to overcome?

G+L: It was the size of the road. It was very pretty because it was thin but it also brought some troubles. Just after Gringe left the frame in the pick up we didn't have a lot of space to make all the vehicules keep on going and to prepare the car crash in the same time. That was a very tricky part. WIC: How many takes did it take to get right?

G+L: As we said before we first "secured" a cut in two version and had maybe 10 takes of it. Finally we tried the uncut version and had only 4 takes. The last one was the best. We are some lucky boys I guess.

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