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How do you follow up on the world hype that was Siska's 'Unconditional Rebel'? Well, like this. Guillaume has shown he is style and substance through his innovative use of post production meets emotional performance in Izzy Bizu, something that seems to be becoming a trademark of his.
We sat down and had a quick chat to find out how you prep a job like this, Guillaume thinks is magical when it comes to videos and how he got such a moving performance from Izzy.
Word Is Cheap: Is there a distinct narrative to your 'Mad Behaviour' video or more a feeling you wanted to create?
Guillaume Panierello: Indeed, it is more a matter of feeling, I wanted to highlight the reconstruction desire expressed in my opinion in the track title. Environmental devastation is repaired, the upside here expresses more a repair fantasy that will go back in time. For me the character fixes a situation more than it wishes to erase.
WIC: Your videos are often very technical, how important is preparation to your creative process?
GP: Preparation is very important in this kind of concept ... there is first a mental visualization which forms the basis of the film. Then comes the physical construction which is made possible through the preview in 3-D, it is very important because it allows me to construct the film as we built a model ... with training plastic arts I often build my films like paintings. The guide provides the gesture and the gesture modifies the guide. The fact of literally building the space and the movement.
Post-production is for me a way to transcend reality, make it more dreamlike … I try to push up the live action because it always happens something magical
WIC: Were you worried at any point that your shots wouldn't match together so seamlessly?
GP: In fact I'm rather entrusted with the technique, I personally assume that anything is possible. The goal is to design things in a simple and most effective way. For me the only constraint is the time...
WIC: Much like in Siska's 'Unconditional Rebel', what is it that attracts you to mixing post production and live action so fluidly?
GP: Post-production is for me a way to transcend reality, make it more dreamlike ... I try to push up the live action because it always happens something magical.

WIC: How did you prepare Izzy for her emotional performance?
GP: I did not have much to do. "Mad Behavior" is a very personal song for Izzy, she was naturally very involved in her performance. My goal was to help her focus and I asked her to make the less acting possible ... for me emotion works by non-acting. She quickly assimilated, it is I think a great performance.
WIC: How did you go about building and destroying a room?
GP: Manually! That's the best solution ... the difficulty was to be well synchronized with a camera filming in slow motion and which moves very quickly. Having been a musician I sometimes use metronomes to trigger events in sync with the camera ... it is very effective.


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