Ivana Bobic x The Kooks


Performance music videos are a tricky business; promote the band while having fun and looking good. Well Ivana Bobic has definitely done that and more, taking it upon herself to create a modern zoetrope in a huge space. Space it seems is on the agenda as sci-fi fashion girls circle the band surrounded by their neon art installations (spaceships), lets be honest, if you wanted to hide a spaceship in plain sight you’d make it look like an art installation…

Having done a whole host of work for fashion brands including Stella McCartney, Au Pont Rouge, and  Whistles, it’s safe to say Ivana knows Fashion, which, if you think about it, is pretty lucky: you’ve got to look your best when meeting extraterrestrials. Band meets alien, look suave, play music and of course choreographed dancing ensues. Every boys dream.

word is cheap: Did you enjoy the processs of working with a band as opposed to a brand?

Ivana Bobic: I loved working with the Kooks, they’re so much fun. In terms of brands or bands, I think there are similarities to the process, they’re both commercial in a way. But you can be so much freer with music videos and really experiment with ideas.

It was pretty full-on to shoot, but totally worth it.

With The Kooks in black and girls in white, what were your style influences?

We wanted the styling to be really modern. We worked with Tui Lin and Saint Laurent for the boys, so their look came out of the collection. For the girls, a big reference was Alexander Wang’s SS14 show – crisp and clean and a bit a spacey (Luke is a major sci-fi fan). We wanted them to be uniformed, so they could blend into one girl and stand out against the black space in the zoetrope.

The geometric shapes look great especially in such a large space, how were they designed?

I worked with Sarah Jenneson on the structures – we looked a lot at Sol LeWitt’s drawings and sculptures. We wanted them to be really graphic and strong.

That’s one big zoetrope you’ve created, did you really use stills to create the effect?

Yes, it was a huge zoetrope. And no, there were no stills at all. It was done in real time with the camera spinning super fast, shooting the 8 girls as they danced with strobes firing off at them. It was pretty full-on to shoot, but totally worth it.

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