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Finding the balance between creative and performance ain't easy, unless you're throwing a house party with the Club Cheval boys in the most badass game of musical chairs we've ever seen. That's what J.A.C.K did anyway and it came off beautifully. Style is on point as expected from the Parisians but it's the energy captured and vibe presented that really attract. Shout out to new boys Club Cheval for looking suitably alternative cool in their first music video performance.

We caught up with the boy / girl team Camille Hirigoyen and Julien Choquart to chat about how they created such a fun atmosphere, clothed 50 cool kids and why they shot on mixed formats.
WIC: Have you ever played in a real life game of house-wide musical chairs?? 
J.A.C.K: Yes. Summer 2014, with a bunch of drunk friends, one of us almost killed himself, trying to jump over an incandescent barbecue…
WIC: How important was it to integrate the band in a natural way?
J.A.C.K: We’ve built the concept around the band, because they needed to be presented to the public : it is the first video for the first single of their first album.
But we didn’t want to do it as the classical performance video. So we twisted it, trying to make their appearance look weird but also logical at the same time, we came up with that musical chairs idea, and them being the Masters of the game.
casting was the main challenge for us, we had to find and gather those 50 kids, who would make it look real, and who would be ready to play the game all night long for two nights in a row
WIC: How did you get such believable performances, were you really playing musical chairs on set?
J.A.C.K: What’s more awesome than having the band you love mixing at a house-party you’re invited to ?… Most of these cool kids we casted were big fans of Club Cheval and got really excited to party for them. Yes, we really played the game, and it was crazy.
We’ve stayed in touch with some of the kids, and apparently they loved it so much that they re-made the game in music festivals this summer.
WIC: How did you go about styling so many cast members?
J.A.C.K: Our stylist Maud Dupuy is a magician + we had a very cool cast (Maud asked the kids to come with their favorite outfits, so she could mix what she had with what they brought).

WIC: Why did you use a mixture of formats to shoot on?
J.A.C.K: Again, to keep the pure energy and intensity we had on the set. We shot on Alexa and also with an old Sony HI8 camera from the 90’s. Those HI8 footages were shot by our main girl, Mathilde, on set, during the two nights of the shoot. You can see her throughout the video filming everything she sees. It was important to have the vision of one of the participant, from inside the game. Mathilde was actually playing musical chairs and filming at the same time.
WIC: Were there any problems or times where everything just fell into place?
J.A.C.K: Casting was the main challenge for us, we had to find and gather those 50 kids, who would make it look real, and who would be ready to play the game all night long for two nights in a row. We’ve casted them on Facebook, on the streets, skateparks, dance classes, basketball courts… The production sent a bus on a precise address in Paris and 2 hours before the shoot we didn’t know how many would really show up and how willing they’d be. We had a great surprise when they arrived on set, they were exactly how we imagined them…and everything just fell into place.

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