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I am extremely excited to bring you this latest interview, it exudes everything a music video in Summer should. I’m a bit of a fan if you haven’t clocked on already! Hailing from Dublin now based in London is director Scott Altman (@scottaltman), whose background includes time in Bangkok working in visual effects to a work catalogue including Kanye West’s globe-shaking ‘BLKKK SKKKN HEAD’.

His latest video for Jax Jones and the track is called ‘Yeah Yeah Yeah’. It’s a fun high-energy, electronic song that is sure to be played continuously this Summer. The video takes place in Barcelona, lapping up the sun on buggy-boards! What the hell are buggy-boards I hear you scream? Well, it is a creation conjured up from the creative brains of Scott and in a nutshell it is toddlers in buggies riding long boards!

Everything about the video gives you a lift putting a smile on your face, from the incredibly gleeful kids being pushed about in the buggy-boards by the super cool ‘parents’, who do the odd trick to two, to the beautiful shoot and perfect location. Shot in the Spanish city of Barcelona, I caught up with Scott who explained the reason behind the location and allowed us to delve into his mind and gain a glimpse of what sparked this buggy-board creation of his…

Word Is Cheap: Your latest video for Jax Jones ‘Yeah Yeah Yeah’ is an ultimate summer feeling video! I read you were given a brief that gave you the idea to invent the ‘buggy boards’. Can you tell us a bit bout the initial brief and how it sparked this creation of yours?

Scott Altman: The initial brief wasn’t too detailed but requested something quirky that was fun and sun soaked. Duke Dumont was also referenced.

you may be working with a track for a month or two so it’s definitely important to like the music

WIC: You have a background in skateboarding, what was it that connected the two?

SA: I was looking to come up with an idea that hadn’t been created so I thought rather than simply pushing kids around in these devices, why not give them the trip of their lives and perform tricks!

WIC: The video was filmed in Barcelona, how important was the location for this video?

SA: Sunshine was essential and parts of Spain have a very Californian feel so Barcelona ticked the boxes.

WIC: As a director for music videos what is always your overall objective and the most important element?

SA: The overall objective is to get what I have in my mind on screen and the most important element is the team that helps me realise that.

WIC: How important is it for you to personally like the music?

SA: If commissioned you may be working with a track for a month or two so it’s definitely important to like the music and helps with the initial ideas too.

WIC: Does the genre of music make any difference with your creative freedom when coming up with ideas?

SA: I just try to come up with ideas that I’m passionate about and feel suit the track best. If that works for all involved and gets signed off, then happy days.

WIC: Finally what is for you, the ultimate summer music video from your view as a director?

SA: Probably Aphex Twin ‘Window Licker’ directed by Chris Cunningham

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