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Club Kuru is a WIC favourite, sorry, scratch that. Club Kuru is the WIC favourite. With only two videos to date the jazz-trained musician turned singer-songwriter has created his own sound with visuals to match, something we call ‘dreamy decadence’.

This all started with Academy’s inimitable Danny Sangra and his memory-glitched trip through Italy in ‘All The Days’ which has been followed up with Thomas Brigden directing ‘Seesaw’. Eager to learn more about these two obviously talented young gentlemen we asked them to do our job and interview each other. Check the first show on the 12th May, oh yeah, and it’s free…




Club Kuru: How did you get into directing?

Thomas Brigden: I have always been interested in images and cinema, since I was young. After art college I started to mess around with video and film. This video was the first time I felt what it is to be a ‘director’, before that I was on my own mostly when I made things. What made you make the transition from contemporary jazz to electronic music?

CK:I still love jazz music but to me it seems to be a scene dominated by music institutions and I never felt properly part of it. Also my interest just kind of went in other directions and I couldn’t see where I wanted to go with improvised music anymore. It was a very difficult transition for me to make though as I had to learn to sing and produce. I think I started pretty late with that. With a background in editing, what made you want to direct? How do you feel it affects your chooses as a director?

TB: Most importantly I want to make my own films, but I love editing as well. Sometimes it feels like people consider editing the third most important thing after directing and cinematography, but its a discipline and art by itself. Nowadays, maybe especially because of the net, edited content is everywhere and so manipulative. I reckon everyone should try it, to understand that process a bit more. I’m not sure if it affected my choices as a director, but I did storyboard this video thinking exactly where the pieces would fit at what points in the edit, maybe that comes from knowing about the editing process. What’s your favourite music video?

CK: Im not sure if I could pick an all time favourite but I really love the video to Wishes by Beach house which stars creepy Ray Wise and is quite brilliant in so many ways.

CK: The grade really ties the vibe together, what were your colour influences?

TB: We wanted the video to feel like a dream, and the colours to be hyper-real and a bit wrong. The grader, Ed Duffield did a great job with this. Being primarily an aural artist, what creative importance does music video have for you if any in your mind?

CK: Being an aural artist is so different to being a visual one. I come from a family of painters but I was never that drawn to it. Sometimes my brain is working very visually and music is always conjuring up images in my head. I think its great to have something visual to go along with the music if it enhances the whole thing otherwise Im not really sure its worth it just as a marketing tool. Its all part of trying to make something all round good and I suppose with having videos and music you can strengthen the whole world that your creating, its just adds depth to the subject.

WIC: Your music references women and heartbreak, are they based on personal experiences?

CK: Of course.

WIC: The woman is stunning, how did you approach casting the role?

TB: We made this video really quickly, like came up with the idea one weekend and shot it the following one. Berta appeared in photographs somewhere along the line, and looked great, so we asked her. But I didn’t meet Berta until we got on the train the morning of the shoot. She is beautiful, but also she is really cool and creative on camera.

WIC: There’s a definite style developing with similarities in both ‘All The Days’ and ‘Seesaw’ How did you maintain the visual essence of Club Kuru?

CK: Ive had a lot to do with both videos although the directors have been different.

Im not sure that I achieved the feelings I wanted from the videos exactly but I’m really glad you think there is a style developing because that was definitely my intention…Im really keen for this other wordily feeling to come across and a kind of dream like state or feeling to come through in the music and videos.

WIC: What’s next for Club Kuru?

CK: Theres my debut e.p out on the 27th of April and our first show is on the 12May in London. Lots more music to come out after that and hopefully more of everything Club Kuru.

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