Tim Nackashi x Theophilus London + Jesse Boykins III


Who saw this coming? This is as open as we’ve seen from Theolophilus London. ‘Cool’ people rarely dance but with shapes like those why not! With Kanye as a mentor we were honestly surprised and happy to see the moves flow and ‘image’ take a backseat to character. Props to Tim Nackashi for even suggesting Theo dance. With a simple set and killer dance moves the video completely flips with some post heavy fun with a climax that keeps the audience captivated. Energy. We wanted to know more so got in touch with Tim to discuss the voice over intro, those dance moves and find out just what Theolophilus is like on set.

Word Is Cheap: Theophilus can dance! Were you aware he could prior to putting the concept forward?

Tim Nackashi: I really didn’t know how well he could dance! I mean he’s got moves even when he’s just walking, but not until we got together for dance rehearsals did I realize that he was MJ-esque..

Is he as cool on set as his image implies?

He’s actually cooler than his image. I’m serious. He’s a great conversationalist and seems genuinely interested in all types of people and stories.

That was a last-minute decision with our amazing choreographer Troy Kirby. Look him up. I mean, he choreographed Missy Elliott’s ‘Lose Control’!

The voice over at the start is the perfect intro to a dance based music video, how did it come about?

That was something Theo wanted to try! We wanted to do a docu-styled intro that is sincere but still with a surrealness that would let you know not to take it too seriously.

Why did you decide to show the studio and release the facade of being in a music video?

Well two thing led us that direction. We started talking about how showing the edges is a fun way to play with what’s real. And that we liked breaking the contrived format of the music video. But then actually, those shots were themselves actually not planned. I had Alex the DP whipping the camera randomly and it turned out the everyone on set was already naturally getting into the song so in the edit they felt like a cool discovery for us.

The post is unexpected and brilliant, what was behind the decision to shift the music video in that direction?

That was a last-minute decision with our amazing choreographer Troy Kirby. Look him up. I mean, he choreographed Missy Elliott’s ‘Lose Control’! And our dance rehearsal turned into a conversation about how the song is about life and dance and that this ‘tree of bodies’ could symbolize that perfectly for us. And the song really shifts at the end so it felt like the right place for things to take a corner..

Your music videos are all very different, do you approach each project individually or is there something for you that ties them all together?

Well the only thing that I could say ties my videos together is probably my love of music and the opportunity to break the form of videos.

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