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Set to a backing track of 80's infused LA synth pop Victor Parkour has created a series of visual post cards that follow a mysterious French looking girl through an undeniably Californian landscape. We chatted to Victor about infusing the urban with the wild of California desert, how surfing and film-making combine, and the art of making modern music videos.
Word Is Cheap: Did you set out to create a vintage Americana feel, what were your inspirations?
Victor Pakpour: Not at all. I wanted to make something more fast-paced and different from my previous work.
I’ve actually been much more inspired to shoot more modern. I am not going for a 70s or 80s aesthetic anymore
WIC: The scenes in the video are like postcards, snapshots rather than an obvious linear narrative, why did you decide to stay vague?
VP: This formula works better for music videos. Keep it visual and exciting.
WIC: Why did you decide to mix concrete buildings with nature?
VP: I wanted this film to have a darker mood and I like the look and tone of modern buildings. Mixing nature and buildings kept the film more visual.
WIC: How did you know you had found the right lead for the project?
VP: She had a really nice French look and was easy to work with. I made her run a lot. Haha.
WIC: Do you feel your background in the surf industry has influenced you as a filmmaker?
VP: Yes, it has made me much more flexible and better at shooting on the run.
WIC: Your work definitely has a vintage aesthetic, and what with people going back to film cameras and record players, do you feel there is something more appealing about the aesthetic of the past rather than modern super slick digital production?
VP: I've actually been much more inspired to shoot more modern. I am not going for a 70s or 80s aesthetic anymore. There is a classy method to make modern films with a good aesthetic.

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Amateur filmmaker and photographer. Anthropology graduate and firm believer that where words fail music speaks. -
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